6-8th June 2017
Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, Leicestershire


Garic, one of the UK’s most innovative manufacturers and suppliers of construction site welfare facilities, will be launching the latest in its range of eco-efficient solar powered products at Plantworx (6th – 8th June). Garic claim that the new drying room is a ‘world first’ and say that the welfare unit looks set to save up to 86% in energy costs.

According to Garic the design-patented,10’x8’ drying unit is the only stand alone, self-contained solar powered unit on the market. Its launch follows successful onsite trials by client InterServe who was impressed to find an alternative to existing costly to run mobile drying room products.

It has a thermostatically controlled solar powered, diesel-fired blown-air heating system for quicker and quieter drying.  Crucially, Garic’s unit utilises solar energy for its electrical functions and negates the need for traditional diesel fuelled generators or input from mains electricity. Huge savings are evident from an environmental point of view and in monetary terms too.

This is illustrated by comparing the new unit with a traditional electric convector heated drying room. The latter would place a 63% load on a 10kVA generator and, as many generator manufacturers would quote, fuel consumption at this loading would be around 1.7l per hour. Garic’s innovative blown-air heated unit uses a maximum of 0.5l of diesel per hour, giving immediate fuel savings of 1.2l of diesel per hour.

Additional energy saving benefits are achieved via the eco unit’s thermostatic controls and clever low U-value construction which ensures temperatures are maintained within the unit like a flask. Initial trials have shown a huge 86% reduction in energy consumption.

A traditional generator powered 5kW drying room will consume 1.7l of diesel every hour. Based on a 50 hour working week, with the drying room timed to operate 10 hours per night, this equates to 85l of diesel consumption per week. Every litre of diesel created and consumed generates 2.68kg of carbon waste. Given this, a traditional drying room will emit up to 227.8kg of carbon waste in a 50 hour working week. However, most of these units do not utilise timed thermostatic controls and could easily exceed these carbon waste levels.

Garic’s self-contained solar powered drying room – tested during the bleak British winter – has consistently achieved carbon emissions of just 195.9kg and used 73l of diesel per week giving a fuel saving of 86%. Based on a 50 week working year, this equates to a saving of over 9.7t of carbon and 3,650ltrs of diesel. With the current cost of diesel gas oil at 48p per litre (week 8, 2017) this gives a saving of £1,752 per annum (£35.04 per week).

These figures are further accentuated when considering that many sites use larger 60kVA+ generators. These thirsty generators are left to run through the night simply to power the drying room alone. Garic’s new industry first drying room negates the need for a large generator and on those sites the savings will be even more apparent.

Taking this development one step further, Garic has developed a combination toilet and drying unit (the Eco 2+1+Dryer) which conveniently provides two male toilets and one female toilet with a solar powered drying room.

Garic is also exhibiting a comprehensive selection of products from its welfare and accommodation, environmental, dust and pollution control, plant, storage and lighting ranges.

Published by Louise on March 22, 2017 at 1:09 PM

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