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Established for over 65 years, Selwood has become one of the largest privately owned plant and pump, hire and sales companies serving the UK construction and industrial markets and is now the leading contractors pump supplier in the UK and, in addition to this, is recognised as being one of the leading plant supply companies.

Operating from a nationwide branch network with a reputation built upon the quality of its extensive plant and pump equipment fleet combined with the service provided by its dedicated local teams, Selwood offers an unrivalled depth of technical expertise and on-site service to all of the market sectors served.

Selwood is the only UK company that manufactures, hires and sells its own range of both mobile surface pumps and diesel hydraulic pumps with over 75% now being exported through a worldwide distributor network.

The surface pump units produced at Selwood’s factory in the UK range from 2” to 12” discharge diameter and can be fitted with a variety of different drives including diesel engines and electric motors to meet individual customer requirements.

Its own high performance hydraulic submersible pumps are ideal for use in deep excavations. This range comprises of a variety of 2” to 8” models with electric start diesel driven hydraulic power packs fully protected by an automatic shutdown system. The hydraulic system can operate on synthetic biodegradable or vegetable oil that significantly reduces harmful environmental pollution. High specification motors are featured throughout the range and alternative materials, such as stainless steel, are offered for the more arduous pump applications.

In recent years Selwood has introduced a new generation of super silent pumps recognised as the quietest pumps on the market today. These have been specially designed for applications in noise sensitive areas and, with noise levels as low as 58db(A) at full speed and load, are the most environmentally friendly pumps available in the market today.

As well as developing new pump models Selwood has a strategic pump development programme to continually improve its existing product range. The recent introduction of the Seltorque S100, S150 and S200 super silent pumps and the D80, D100, D150 and D200 super silent in a close coupled configuration is the latest example of this development programme. The advantages of this improved arrangement are reduced noise, reduced vibration, longer coupling life plus ease of maintenance and production.

The Selwood Seltorque S200 pump has also been redesigned to provide a higher flow option to the unique and world renowned S150. The S200 benefits from solids handling of 100mm, flows up to 540m³/h and delivery heads up to 18.5m, resulting in unequalled performance in effluent disposal and slurry handling applications. Even one of Selwood’s oldest pumps, the PD100, has found a new lease of life pumping polymer for ground stabilisation applications.

In recent years Selwood also launched an automatic self-priming chopper pump that is the ideal solution for pumping solids, sludge and rags. Building upon the company’s market leading reputation, the C150 chopper pump has been developed with its key partners in the process, industrial and water sectors. All have a common requirement to pump and condition liquids that contain a high proportion of solids, organic matter or rags. The pump, with its hardened impeller and cutter plus a cutting action giving 3000 cuts per minute, is more than capable of meeting these arduous applications.

Selwood is in the process of designing a brand new range of high head pumps and the new H150 has successfully completed extensive pre-production field trials and is now available for sale and hire.

The Selwood H150 is a heavy duty automatic self priming pump specifically designed for high head applications.  It can achieve flow rates up to 460m³h, total heads of 124m with solids handling of 38mm.  Excellent suction performance as well as class leading fuel consumption from the latest CAT C6.6 diesel engine makes the H150 ideal for both contractors and hirers.  Incorporating "Selprime", Selwood’s unique environmentally friendly auto self priming system, and mechanical shaft sealing for leak free running, the H150 shares the same robust construction, reliability and ease of operation as the world renowned Seltorque solids handling range of pumps.

The new pump is ideal for high head dewatering in quarrying and mining as well as pipeline pressure testing and cleaning, water boosting and temporary fire protection in markets such as construction, oil and gas, marine and water and waste water. The new H150 offers dramatically improved hydraulic efficiency, flow and head capacities and suction characteristics.  Selwood has committed to designing and manufacturing a range of world class high head pumps and the H150 is a key pump within the range.

The new H100 high head pump was launched at Hillhead 2010 and has been a success in both the UK and export markets.  The new H200 is currently completing rig tests with field trials starting later this year and the H80 and H125 are being designed for launch in the spring of 2013.

All Selwood pumps have a choice of diesel or electric drivers with different chassis options available, including super silent, and most also incorporate the company’s own unique “Selprime” self-priming system utilising a water tolerant diaphragm air pump. An environmentally friendly design that has none of the problems of oil vapour emissions and oil emulsification associated with other priming systems.

All the diesel pump engines used are compliant to the latest emissions regulations and to combat ever increasing fuel costs, Selwood has upgraded its auto stop start control system using the latest available technology.  The system is now available as auto stop start only or auto stop start with telemetry offering a more flexible and appropriate system for different applications. The auto stop start facility provides an efficient and automatic operation with the use of float level controls and ultrasonic level devices turning the pump on and off as required. Telemetry allows the remote measurement and reporting of the pumps operation directly to pre-selected mobiles or landlines, providing real time alarm messages for high level float, failure/start, engine fault and emergency stop activation using “pay as you go” technology.

Selwood’s existing manufacturing facility at Chandler’s Ford in the UK has   benefited from a recent improvement programme designed to increase efficiency and capacity. Smart procurement and greater stock holding will allow for standard products to benefit from shorter lead times which are increasingly required in this modern, fast moving marketplace.

Last year Selwood opened a specialist pump centre in Liverpool. This operation has been set up with a dedicated support team, focused on delivering technical excellence throughout Selwood’s northern branch network in the supply and installation of specialist electric submersible pumping equipment as well as servicing its major water company contracts with United Utilities and Yorkshire Water.

This is a major holding facility for specialist explosion proof submersible pumps largely used by water companies and major contractors within the UK. This facility possibly holds one of the largest submersible pump fleets in the country.

In the short time that it has been open it has proved to be so successful throughout the northern regions that it has been expanded to become Selwood’s distribution centre for the whole of the country for electro submersibles and ancillary equipment. However, earlier this year the company opened a specialist pump hire and sales branch in Bedford and it is anticipated that once this branch has become established it will become Selwood’s distribution centre for electro submersibles and ancillary equipment in the south, thus complementing the operation in Liverpool.

Today, the company addresses the needs of many industries including construction, marine, environmental and pollution control, mining and industrial effluent management. This broad spectrum demands that a wide range of materials may be handled from water, solids in suspension and sewage to bentonite, oil, slurries and sludge.

With a commitment to quality, safety and the environment, Selwood is one of the very few companies within the UK that holds all three internationally recognized quality standards, ISO 9001, BS OHSAS18001 and ISO 14001. Selwood is registered with the Achilles Utilities Vendor database (UVDB) and has been for many years. The UVDB verify and assessment service, used by the UK utility industry to source suppliers of major products and services, focuses on risk critical issues associated with Safety, Health, Environment and Quality requirements.


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