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Garic - looking after your welfare at Plantworx

22nd May 2019

Garic will be unveiling a revolutionary welfare van featuring hybrid technology at this year’s Plantworx show.     

It was the first company to develop solar powered welfare equipment in the UK and now Garic has taken the use of solar energy to the next level. Its latest generation welfare van facilities can be powered throughout the day solely from its solar panels. This means that the kettle, microwave and mobile phone recharging points for example can all be used without having to switch the vehicle’s engine on.   

The Hybrid Welfare Van significantly reduces the environmental impact and fuel costs associated with providing on site welfare. 

Garic is also exhibiting a 40ft welfare trailer for the first time. With its improved layout, hybrid power and 4G WIFI, the unit can comfortably facilitate up to 15 workers. 

Addressing the need for alternative power options, the company is also launching a ground breaking self-sufficient, off-grid power supply, the Solatainer®. Created sustainably from a single-use 20ft ISO shipping container, the Solatainer® integrates renewable-power and storage with diesel-power back-up. It also reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Commenting on the launches, Garic’s Director Neil Richardson said: “We can’t wait to show visitors the new products we’ve developed. We’ve been working very hard to make sure all of our welfare and site up equipment is as eco and cost efficient as possible whilst also providing the best quality facilities for those using them. 

“Some of the new features are truly remarkable for example the way we are harnessing and storing solar power. Other developments, like adding fully flushing toilets to reduce the need for chemicals on site and creating space for separate male and female toilet cubicles, may seem simple but they are key to developing our products even further.”

Garic’s Rail Divisional Manager Ian Gosney added:  “It’s great to see the rail sector represented at Plantworx this year. We have been testing our new innovations with a number of rail clients and are looking forward to demonstrating them to lots more rail companies and contractors visiting Railworx. 

“Although our rail division is relatively new we’ve had the most fantastic response from the sector. We are already working with ten of the leading names in rail civil engineering and have formed some very effective working partnerships. These co-operative relationships have led to us upgrading and adapting a number of our products. For example we have rail clients testing our Hybrid Welfare Van at the moment who will provide us with valuable feedback.”  

Further product details:  

Hybrid Welfare Van’s features include: 

•       Latest in hybrid technology 

•       200Kg of carbon savings per week (standard use)*

•       Annualized circa 10 ton of CO2 savings

•       The mobile unit can run the welfare facilities solely from its solar panels 

•       Facilities can be used throughout the day

•       Lowest carbon van footprint on the market

•       Stores energy whilst its running

•       Safety button to jump start engine

•       Smart Lithium battery

•       Unit distributes power through 12V and 240V circuit

•       Low volt LED strobes

•       Automatic back-up power available when solar runs out due to bad weather or heavy use.

*All subject to ongoing field testing

40ft Hybrid Welfare Trailer – a new concept in larger welfare provision. Features include:

•       Hybrid power

•       12V solar panels with back-up generator 

•       Optional configuration – office, canteen, showers, toilet & drying room 

•       4G WIFI

•       Male and female fully flushing toilets

•       Access control 

•       Fire alarms 

Solatainer’s features include:

•       Autonomous off-grid power supply

•       Integrated renewable-power and storage with diesel-power back-up 

•       The high efficiency generator is configured to run only when the batteries are depleted below a software-set limit or when a demand spike occurs

•       Available in single or three phase configuration a basic Solatainer® can be used as a direct replacement for a diesel generator in situations upto 25 kW

•       Beyond 25 kW Solatainer® is scalable up to 100 kW using Gaia’s Solawedge® to increase the size of the PV array and by increasing on-board battery capacity through additional cells.


Garic - looking after your welfare at Plantworx