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Listed below are all of the categories for this year's awards.

Commitment to Skills & Training

The winner of this award will be the company that has demonstrated a commitment to investments in training in personnel across all levels of the business or offering unique training to companies within the sector. This could range from apprenticeships, industrial placements or CPD (Continuous Professional Development) across the company.

Digital Innovation

Digital technology is taking over every aspect of the industry, whether it be automation, control, data collection, planning or operations. This award is open to all innovative developments that use digital technology to improve any aspect of performance, efficiency or safety.

Efficiency Innovation

The winner of this award will be able to demonstrate their product or service can improve the efficiency of the construction operation. This could range from; organising people, machinery or the supply chain to completing a task faster or with less manpower/machinery.

Engineering Solution

Designed to recognise engineering innovations, either mechanical or electronic; innovations to overcome particular problems or significantly advance the abilities of existing equipment. This could range from new tyres and improved drivelines to new machine types or unbreakable lights.

Environmental Innovation

Awarded to the entry judged to be most beneficial in terms of reducing the environmental impact of construction activities. It could reduce; fuel consumption, emissions, noise and waste or may minimise/prevent damage to the worksite, watercourse or surrounding area.

Non-Operated Plant and Support Products

This products and services award category is open to non operated plant and tools, alongside essential construction support products and services.

Safety Innovation

The safety award will be presented to the device or system considered to offer the greatest boost to the safety of construction workers – be that PPE, electronic systems or physical devices.

Security Innovation

Plant theft remains a big problem for the industry and this award recognises the most significant entry in terms of: construction site security, machine or attachment theft prevention or for locating, retrieving and identifying stolen items.