Futureworx 2022 highlighted the key challenges in the areas of immersive technologies and data

PLANTWORX is one of the UK's largest live, working construction events, providing the ultimate opportunity to demonstrate machine innovation and technology.

Organised by CEE (Construction Equipment Events), the organiser of the Plantworx construction exhibition, Futureworx 2022 attracted senior professionals in and around the construction industry, bringing them together with suppliers and innovators to help map future construction targets and requirements.

In addition to showcasing what the construction site of the future will look like, Futureworx 2022 also highlighted the key challenges facing small and medium-sized construction sector companies, in the areas of immersive technologies and data.

Strong focus was placed on the people-plant interface, telematics, the connected site, safety systems and on the recent advances in autonomous equipment, and electric and hydrogen-powered machinery.

This was highlighted by speaker Mark Lawton, Head of Engineering, Surveying and GIS at Skanska, who spoke about the development of semi-autonomous and autonomous equipment.

Lawton said that the industry had to understand that the project design data and information sent to machines – which includes hand-held devices such as smart phones as well as 50-tonne excavators – must be sent to them in a simple form that they could understand.

Unique in the line-up of construction industry exhibitions and conferences, Futureworx 2022 was a focused event, designed for senior level professionals.

Its smaller size allowed attendees – such as company directors, managers, engineers, and other decision-makers – to have one-on-one contact with specialists from manufacturers, equipment rental providers and technology firms.

Attendees were able to have in-depth discussions about the key industry challenges and concerns and to receive helpful information and advice.

Michael Plummer, Chief Global Marketing Officer, FuelActive, said, “We had a great show and a really good quality of visitors all day. I thought it was a more modern format than some of the traditional ‘mega shows’.”

Indeed, those attendees that signed up for the event’s VIP Preview Day were treated to a guided tour around the exhibitor showcase, during which they were introduced to the teams of exhibiting companies.

This provided them with the opportunity to arrange further discussions with specific exhibitors, that could help them address their business needs and concerns.

Dan Leaney, Sales and Operations Director at Xwatch Safety Solutions, said, “There was a lot of interest in our products, and we were particularly pleased with the interest National Highways showed in our laser curtain prototype.”

He added, “The audience consisted of senior management, decision-makers, and innovators. I can honestly say this was the best show I have ever attended to get in front of the influencers in our sector.”

Similarly, Anthony Shooter, Drone Chair at COMIT Projects, described the event as “a professional and enjoyable occasion expertly delivered by Plantworx”.

He said, “It was great to catch up with many innovative and dynamic companies and individuals. We made a host of new contacts – that share our group’s vision – on the stand.”

He continued, “I don’t want to ‘drone’ on – but it was a great event and I hope they run it again as it has the potential to be an important component in advancing technology in construction.”